A bathroom redo should not only enhance your home’s value but also spruce up your lifestyle. Maybe you need a tub that you can soak into every evening. Or new cabinetry is what you need to keep towels within arm’s length. Whatever it is that you desire for your new bathroom, it’s essential that you have the right team to do it!

With over 40 years of combined experience, you can trust JC Bathrooms to not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations for your new bathroom!

As popular as bathroom renovations now are, it’s important you have a qualified team that has both the skill and experience, to ensure everything goes to plan. With the team at JC bathrooms, you will be taken through each stage of the design and quoting process, this way you’re there for each step of the journey and ensures there’s no miscommunications along the way!

The experienced designers at JC Bathrooms can create some of the best bathroom designs you’ve set your eyes on. But, as you fall in love with some of our excellent bathroom designs, it’s good to keep a few factors, such as style, functionality and size of the space in mind too.

In the designing stage, we work with you to ensure you’re satisfied with all aspects of the project but also advise what is achievable and can be created to enhance each bathroom’s features.

Upgrading your bathroom is always a great return on your investment. Research has shown a new kitchen and bathroom are the two most attractive features for potential home buyers. Hence, if you’re looking to upscale the market value of your property; bathroom renovations in Ashgrove are always a safe investment. If you’re looking for renovators, you’re in safe hands with our artisans.

A few of our guarantees are:

Brisbane Bathrooms


Before Renovation After Renovation
Ashgrove Shower Renovation Before Ashgrove Shower Renovation After
Wilston Bathroom Renovation Before Wilston Bathroom Renovation After

Whether you’re after a bathroom upgrade for increased home value, to make it more family-friendly or to even impress visitors to your home, look no further! We have successfully completed many home projects that not only increased the functionality of a space but are still able to bring that “wow” factor that many people are after.

To ensure your vision for your bathroom is bought to life, our team will provide you with personal service, expertise, and support throughout all stages. As licensed builders, tilers and waterproofers, we’ll also be able to provide effective solutions to any possible problems that can arise in the building and renovating process.

As a part of creating the vision you have for your bathroom, we take care to listen to your hopes and dreams. We work with a wide range of colours and reliable materials to coordinate with the rest of your home and make sure your new bathroom is exactly as imagined.

Using top-quality materials doesn’t have to come at a steep price though, when you choose JC Bathrooms, we guarantee your bathroom renovation is both on time and on budget.

To eliminate any extra added costs and save you the stress, our team also provides a fixed price quote, start date and completion date. That way you’re kept in the loop for the whole renovation and can plan when to have your next guests over to see it!

Reach out and speak with either Johnathon or Craig today to figure out the best plan for your bathroom renovation moving forward! Be sure to check out some of our previous completed projects if you’re in need of more inspiration for your new bathroom or just want to see how we’ve done it before!

It’s our mission to ensure that the bathroom design your envisioning can be brought into reality. It always helps if you have a few photos of what you’re hoping the end result to look like. If you’re hoping to find out more about our available services, get in touch with our team at JC Bathrooms today.  Give us a call today. 

JC Bathroom Renovations Team


With over 40 years of combined experience, our renovators are exerts in their craft. With a wealth of knowledge and years of completing projects of all shapes and sizes, trust that our handymen have the expertise to materialise your vision. 

Being a smaller company means we can be more hands-on and homely with our clients. We like to treat each bathroom renovation as if it were our own. 

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards getting the Ashgrove bathroom renovations you’ve been dreaming of, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team. When you give us a call, we’ll guide you through your available options and work to find a solution for you that fits within your budget. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Not in the Ashgrove area? Not a problem! We provide bathroom renovations Brisbane Northside & bathroom renovations Western suburbs Brisbane. In addition, we are experts in the fields of shower renovations Brisbane & bathroom design ideas Brisbane. For any of these services, simply get in touch!