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A sleek shower is the cornerstone of a modern property. If you’re searching for contractors to carry out Brisbane shower renovations, you’re in safe hands with our team at JC Bathroom Renovations. 

With over 40 combined years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, our contractors have the expertise to revitalise your premise; the way you’ve been envisioning. 

A few of our guarantees are:

Want to find out more about our available services? From the minute you get in contact with us to the moment we make our finishing touches, you can expect nothing short of warm and friendly customer service. 

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients ecstatic with their final results. We design our services to be tailored to the individual needs of clients; no matter how far-fetched their ideas may seem. For renovations that are up to date with the latest trends, are delivered timely and at an affordable price; our contractors at JC Bathrooms are at your service.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in all sorts of areas. Whether you’re after budget bathroom renovations Brisbanesmall bathroom designs Brisbane, Ashgrove bathroom renovations or general bathroom renovations Brisbane western suburbs – we’re the team for you! What differentiates us from other services for shower renovations in Brisbane is our ongoing dedication to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our work, 100% of the time. 

Get in touch with our contractors today and we’ll guide you through your available options. For more information on our services, enquire now or call us on 0413 670 690. Alternatively, enquire on our forms and if we can’t get back to you immediately it’ll be as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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Shower Renovations Brisbane

Transforming Your Bathroom

At JC Bathrooms, bathroom renovations are our forte. As exciting as a whole new bathroom maybe, sometimes it may just need a spruce up or a shower renovation to get the same effect.

A shower renovation could be ideal if you have plans to sell your home or refurbish a rental property, or sometimes it may just need an update if it’s looking old-fashioned and is out of date.

As we have completed many successful bathroom projects over the years, we’re familiar with the best styles and maximizing the bathroom space that you’re working with. Even if it is just a shower renovation you’ve been considering.

If you are working on a small budget or lack the time for an extensive renovation and still badly want to freshen up your bathroom, a shower renovation could be just what you need.

We understand that sometimes less is more, and are willing to work with you to achieve your ideal for your shower as well as work within your budget. The cost of renovating a shower room depends on what you want to achieve, why you want to remodel, and who you choose as your partner.

That’s why we’re happy to work directly with you to settle on the perfect design and execution for your shower renovation. Upon our first visit, our experts will assess your shower and take you through each stage of the design process before the plans take place.

To ensure smooth sailing, we’ll also iron out any possible or unforeseen issues that can occur in the renovating process. Rest assured, we have licensed builders, tilers, and waterproofers on the scene to make sure the project is completed to the highest of standard but will also withstand the test of time.

Our team are not just good at bathrooms and shower renovations. We also take the time to go over styles and suitable fixtures by going through each step with you in the design process, even if it just a shower renovation you’re after. This guarantees we’re on the same page throughout the whole construction and means your vision is happily on its way.

Besides the showerhead itself, a typical shower renovation can also include other services. Depending on the current state of the bathroom and the desired outcome for your shower, our team may also suggest other single services like resealing, regrouting, or realigning.

We conduct full shower renovations that typically entail replacing the existing support structures behind and under the shower. Then we replace the walls, ceiling, windows and floor with new materials. This ensures the shower room will stay intact for longer and you will get the most out of it in the years to come!

When discussing your ideal for your new shower, we never fail to include what else is involved in the process. Whether it be another single service or if there’s previous damage that needs to be addressed, we make sure to cover it all!

Without a comprehensive shower renovation plan, the likelihood of an unannounced issue is a lot higher. Whereas in the hands of experienced professionals we can give you peace of mind throughout the renovation process.

Whether you are in a single, multi-story home, an apartment, or a townhouse in the Brisbane area, our team is within reach. We can assist you in the assessment, planning, and the actual bathroom or shower renovation. Call and speak with either Jonathon or Craig, and we can schedule a visit and help to make your dream bathroom or shower a reality!