Aussies are famous for their obsession with property and home improvement. In the Western suburbs of Brisbane property values continue to rise and there is no sign of the fascination ever relenting.

Remodeling one of the common spaces, like the bathroom, is a great way to enhance the property resale value. If selling is not on the cards though, a bathroom revamp or renovation can still bring life back into a home and is a great way to enhance your domestic life!

Even if your bathroom is only small it still deserves all the attention and if you’ve toyed with the idea of a bathroom renovation then JC Bathrooms is for you!

Easier To Plan

Planning is essential for any bathroom renovation. That’s why we take the hard work from the planning process and make the job of preparing comprehensive plans look simple.

During the initial assessment, our team of specialists will take all the necessary measurements and asses the current state of the bathroom, while taking the desired outcome into consideration.

To ensure there are no miscommunications, we go over any possible issues that can arise in the design process and recommend effective solutions that will not only prevent any unforeseen problems but still allow for your bathroom dreams to come into fruition.

Concerning the actual remodeling, our team will help you come up with a layout that takes into account both looks and functionality.

Our specialists are guided by building codes and guarantee the plumbing, drainage, electrical works, and other remodeling satisfy building standards. This way your new bathroom will not just look good now but for many years to come!

Smooth Execution

Once a design and plan are in place, you will be provided with a fixed quote price, start date and completion date, so once the project is on its way you can kick back and relax knowing all the hard work is being taken care of.

As licensed builders, tilers and water proofers, you can also rest easy knowing that all stages of the renovations will be carried out professionally and to the highest of standards with JC Bathrooms.

With over 40 years of combined experience, JC Bathrooms have worked on bathrooms of all types, and have been able to execute perfect projects time and time again, no matter what size of bathroom.

On Time and On Budget

With a focused team on the ground, a detailed plan, and an execution strategy, developing a realistic budget for a project is easy. We understand not everyone has an unlimited budget to work with, that’s why we are able to come up with affordable prices that will not only look good but be good on your pocket too!

With top-quality tradesmen and quality products to match, JC Bathrooms can do no wrong! Call sooner rather than later to have a chat with one of our specialists and set up a consultation.

We have a 2-week guarantee too, so once a plan is in place no excitement is lost over the course of the renovation and you’ll be in your dream bathroom before you know it!

A few of our guarantees are:

First-Rate Bathroom renovations Western Suburbs of Brisbane


Our before/after galleries:

Before Renovation After Renovation
Ashgrove Shower Renovation Before Ashgrove Shower Renovation After
Wilston Bathroom Renovation Before Wilston Bathroom Renovation After

Get in touch!

At JC Bathrooms, we strive to provide holistic services – to minimise the hassle for our clientele! For instance, we have a team of bathroom designers Brisbane who work on small bathroom renovations Brisbane, bathroom renovations Ashgrove as well as shower renovation. If you’re seeking any of these services, get in touch with our team of experts!